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Let Your Dog Play While You are Away

Visit Canine Training Institute for obedience classes and doggy daycare services in New London, MN. Our trainers are all skilled and dog-friendly. Don’t leave your dog on his or her own when you go out. Give him the chance to see the world outside and to interact with other dogs. Consider us your dog’s second home.

Dog Training and Dog Sitting

There is no need to isolate your dog while you are away on a trip or too busy to commit to training. We offer many classes to keep your dog sharp and obedient. You have the option to enroll your pet for private or group training. If you just want us to take care of your dog while you are away, then we also have dog sitting services for you. No matter what program you choose, you always get a well-trained dog upon return.

Give the Gift of a Loving Pet

Well-behaved and trained dogs have better times with their owners. This is because trained dogs are able to communicate with their people more easily. Give the gift of a loving pet to a friend who might be struggling with his or her pet’s behavior. Call us at (320) 354-2094 for gift certificates that can be used for our daycare or classes.

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